Good News - Rend Collectice

Good News - Rend Collectice

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Rend Collective are back, and they’re bringing with them what we need most: good news!

An all-new album of songs that celebrate the good news we can find, Rend Collective a doing what they do best. Filled with heart-thumping choruses, near-limitless energy and enthusiasm, and a passion to share hope and joy in Christ with as many people as possible, Rend Collective shine with passion and creativity.

Good News is, above all, an album of unrestrained hope.

In it is all the pain, striving, and vulnerability that comes before finding lasting peace. Songs like Weep With Me and Nailed to the Cross which are thoughtful and moving. And then there is the celebration that has marked Rend Collective as a beacon for many.

So break out your best stompin’-boots, old-timey piano, accordions, jingling johnnies, and your loudest shouts of ‘Hey!’. Rend are back, and they are bringing an abundance of Good News for all.

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