Love Song for a City

Love Song for a City


For fans of Martin Smith

  • This globe-trotting album is filled with live worship from around the world

  • These powerful new songs give Churches a renewed sense of mission and purpose

Twenty countries, two years, one album.

Love Song For a City takes Martin Smith out of his comfort zone, and into a whole new way of worshipping God. One reckless, dangerous, and unbound by expectations of how worship should sound.
After playing for Christian conferences, pleasant Churches, and being treated very nicely by all he met, Delirious? frontman and Army of Bones band leader Martin Smith felt supremely safe. He’d lost the zeal and danger of his Delirious? days. So he prayed. And that’s where it all began. A journey that would take him across the world, and lead him to create Love Song for a City.
“At first, the songs fed into the Army Of Bones project I was working on”, he explains. “I knew it was unusual for worship leaders to bare their soul with those kind of raw songs, but I felt compelled to do it. I couldn’t NOT do it.”
With his Army of Bones project, there was creative freedom. He saw people come alive as a response, and wanted Christians to find that same freedom in his worship music. In small venues where the floors grounded you to one spot if you weren’t careful, people worshipped with no rules. No restrictions. “[We] were free just to go for it. It was just a pure expression of what was inside.” Out of this spirit, songs like Jesus Only, Love Song for a City, and Come Holy Spirit were born,
Rather than keeping the songs to normal Church venues, Martin Smith opened the doors to the world.
From Australia to Argentina, from Dubai to San Diego, from East to West to North to South, Love Song for a City was recorded live in Churches and gatherings the world over. It’s an honest account of God’s heart for the places where people gather. No matter when. No matter where.
All of his is embodied in the song Leap of Faith. The “story of someone who’s just prayed the prayer ‘God I think I need more danger in my life’, it was recorded in Haarlem, Holland, and contains everything you’ve come to love in the music of Martin Smith. It’s all about letting go and letting God catch you when you fall. A cry to hold nothing back.
All part of a Love Song for a City.

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