There Is More CD

There Is More CD

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Hillsong Worship’s 26th album, There is More is not only a musical release, but a prophetic statement, church mission statement, and calling to be transformed by God.

Featuring 12 songs that explore knowing who we are in God, and know who God is to us, the There is More asks for more of God in the world, in our hopes and dreams and future. Songs like ‘Who You Say I Am’ celebrate the freedom that comes with knowing God.

Filled with rousing anthems of faith, There is More is an album based on the story in Genesis 32, in which Jacob wrestles with God through the night, and is given a new name, a new way of living, and a new purpose. Each song sings of the different ways that encountering the eternal completely rewrites who we are. That God makes all things new, and all people who to come Him new as well.

Blending powerful songs of praise with quiet, reflective moments of deep understanding and love, the album is made to speak to individuals and churches alike. Anyone looking for change and purpose will song something which resonates with that ache for more. Songs like  ‘Touch Of Heaven’ and ‘The Passion’ are shouts are anthems of transformation.

So, wherever you are, the message is to expect more because God is a God of more. A God who transforms anyone who is desperate for change, and for Him.

There is More a message of hope for the future, and for the lasting joys of having your identity in Christ.

As well as original new music, the album also features a new version of Hillsong UNITED’s ‘So Will I (100 Billion X)’ from their album WONDER. Perfect for helping young people move deeper in their worship music choices.

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